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Area covered by Keystone Neighborhood Watch

Map of Keystone Neighborhood Watch Area
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Keystone Neighborhood Watch was founded in 2007 by a small group of neighbors as a way to build a stronger and safer community.  These neighbors came together in response to high crime in the area.  Keystone Neighborhood Watch has the unique situation of falling under multiple law enforcement jurisdictions.



We work closely with Creek County Sheriff’s Department, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department and Keystone Volunteer Fire Department.  Members of our board and Citizen Alert Patrol have under gone training through the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy as well as the Crime Commission.  All board members, CAP drivers and block captains under go yearly background checks.

Over the years the organization has grown both in members (200+ homes and counting) and in the role we play in the community.  As crime decreased to almost non-existent, we began to include in our focus, the additional needs of the community.

We host free neighborhood events such as community dinners, Easter Egg Hunts, Trunk-or-Treat, Movie Night and Keystone Ranger Toy Run to name a few.  As a group we also perform community service (repairing Round Mountain entrance sign after it burned in the fires, trash clean-up along side the roads, painting/marking hazardous areas).  We lend a helping hand to our neighbors in times of need, such as helping the area school children with school supplies and most recently aiding those who lost their homes in the 2012 fires.  KNW has also been known to help a lost pet or two find its way home to its loving family.

Here are a few of our mile stones:

  • In 2008, ratified By-laws and formed an elected board.
  • In 2009, established a central number to report suspicious activity and crime as well as an organized Citizen Alert Patrol Program.
  • In 2010, Keystone Neighborhood Watch won both the Outstanding Community Crime Prevention Award and the Outstanding Citizen Crime Prevention Award at the Crime Commission’s 2010 Celebrating Tulsa’s Heroes.
  • In 2011, KNW expanded its original borders to include the north and east side.  The neighborhood watch now includes all of the residential area of Keystone Volunteer Fire Department.
  • In 2012, KNW became a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.  We set up an emergency text alert system that sends out information community wide during emergency evacuations, tornado warnings, and burglaries in progress.  Established a website to distribute information, allow the reporting of suspicious activity, file anonymous tips, sign up for membership and have access to resource information.

As a group we are dedicated to educating the public about crime prevention, neighborhood safety as well as bringing neighbors together to create a stronger community.  We continue to grow and change to meet our community’s needs. If you would like to join us, please fill out our membership form.

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