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Text Alerts

As a public service, Keystone Neighborhood Watch offers our members the opportunity to sign up for Text Alert Messages.  You can choose between receiving general text messages (such as Suspicious Vehicle in Area Reports, Burglary Reports, KVFD updates, etc.) and/or Emergency Text Alerts (Tornado Warning, Wildfire Evacuations, Burglary in Progress, Road Closings due to Motor Vehicle Accidents or other possible life threatening emergencies).

In order to receive these services, you must be a member of Keystone Neighborhood Watch to receive text alerts.  If not already a member or need to update your information, please fill out our Membership Form.  All membership is free and we provide these services free of charge to the community as a courtesy (Your cell provider may charge for text messages if they are not part of your cell service plan.)  During high times of cellular use, some text alerts may not be delivered properly.  We are not responsible for undelivered texts.  Please remember to always check the weather and our KNW Member’s Facebook Page for updates of current conditions.

Follow the link below to sign up for the text alerts.  (You will receive a test text when I get you added).

Sign Up for Text Alerts

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